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What do we mean by 100% Hand Wash?

Unlike the other car washes, Bubbles 100% Hand Car Wash has NO TRACK in the tunnel. This means “Lowered Car Friendly” so your rims and undercarriage will come out of the tunnel FREE of damage caused in other car wash tunnels that use tracks in their car washing process. As a result of having NO TRACK, we can accommodate any tire size. 

Unlike the other car washes, we use only manual pressure washing equipment, operated by trained personnel.  This means there is NO opportunity for your antennas, or other sensitive areas of your vehicle to be damaged or over saturated, such as bike racks, convertible tops, etc.

At Bubbles 100% Hand Car Wash there is NO need for you to remove storage tops, scooter carriers, etc. We also service RV’s, Trailers and Buses.

We also offer specialty services, such as tree sap removal, acid treatment for rims, water spot removal, buffing, and meticulous engine detail.

We at 
Bubbles 100% Hand Car Wash take great pride in our work.  We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, so we have staff dedicated to making sure every car is inspected before you leave. Our staff is trained proper procedure of the products we use and their respective application and will gladly provide uncomplicated answers to your questions. If you're looking for that personal touch and 100% hand car wash that understands the kind of service you want, then you've found it.

To achieve a perfect finish requires the knowledge and proper use of the cleaning products. All of the cleaning and polishing products used at 
Bubbles 100% Hand Car Wash are the highest quality products on the market. So when you want your vehicle looking "car show" ready, bring it to Bubbles 100% Hand Car Wash.

We offer superior service, from car washes to detailing services; we GUARANTEE that each customer receives the finest service possible.


We are NOW accepting appointments for Detail Packages through the winter months.
We are also offering DISCOUNTS for appointments made on days it is raining!

CALL FOR DETAILS! 408-733-1424

We are NOW accepting appointments for Detail Packagesthrough the winter months.
We are also offering DISCOUNTS for appointments made on days it is raining!

CALL FOR DETAILS! 408-733-1424

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